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Aeroplane shooting gun

Aeroplane shooting gun

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Range of Aircraft Launcher Toy: The range of this aircraft launcher varies according to air pressure. If the airplane is launched in the direction of airflow, it is expected to go far. The toy is ideal for kids between age 3 to 10 years to play indoor as well as outdoors. DIMENSION: Airplane Launcher Gun (24.5 L x 17 B x 4.5 H ), Airplanes (10 L x 14.5 B x 1.5 H ). All values are measured in Centimeters.

Safe to Use Fun Outdoor Game Set for Boys: The material used in making this toy is non-toxic in nature and it has no sharp edges or corners, hence it is completely safe & suitable for kids to use. Also, the foam airplanes made of soft EVA material hence it won’t harm even if it hits them, so you can absolutely be stress free.

Multipurpose Benefits: The airplane launcher toy has multiple benefits. It can be played indoors as well as outdoors and is a great delight to play outside with it. Apart from being a great source of thrill and fun, it also helps in improving child’s hand-eye coordination and initiates brain development ensuring your kid stays active on ground and less on mobile phone.

Cool Airplane Launcher Gun For Kids: The set includes 1 Airplane Launcher Gun toy and 4 Planes. The aircraft launcher gun is a cool design with an easy-to-launch aircraft function. There are 3 airplane slots in the gun, a push button, a trigger and a pull handle. Foam planes are moderate in size, easy to carry and come in a variety of colors.

How to play or install? : The process is super easy and it is simple to operate this toy for children. The four easy steps to play with this aircraft launcher are 1) Open the airplane slot, place the airplane 2) Press the push button to lower the slot and place the plane on the groove 3) Pull back the pull handle to increase power 4) Press the trigger button to launch airplane. After launching a plane, pull the airplane slot down and launch the second one and so on.

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